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    GrAMPS CLI — Tools for Data Source Development

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    To get started with the GrAMPS CLI:

    # Install the CLI
    yarn add --dev @gramps/cli@beta
    # npm install --save-dev @gramps/cli@beta

    NOTE: We prefer Yarn, but if you use npm, use the alternative commands shown in comments below each example.

    Start an empty development gateway

    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev

    This will start a gateway server on port 8080 (or a random port if 8080 is in use). You can open the GraphQL Playground at http://localhost:8080/playground to verify the gateway is working.

    Develop a data source locally

    If you're working on a custom data source, you can test it by running the following:

    # Using live data
    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev --data-source ../my-data-source
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev --data-source ../my-data-source
    # Turn on mock data
    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev --data-source ../my-data-source --mock
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev --data-source ../my-data-source --mock

    NOTE: You can develop using multiple local data sources by passing multiple paths to the --data-sources option (an alias of --data-source):

    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev --data-sources ./one ./two
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev --data-sources ./one ./two

    This is helpful if you're working on something like schema stitching.

    Start a custom GraphQL gateway

    When working with the CLI, any GrAMPS-powered gateway can be used for development — just provide the path to its start script in the --gateway option:

    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev --gateway ../my-gateway
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev --gateway ../my-gateway

    NOTE: This is useful for running a production gateway locally.

    Use a local data source with a custom gateway

    $(yarn bin)/gramps dev -g ./gateway -d ./data-source
    # $(npm bin)/gramps dev -g ./gateway -d ./data-source

    NOTE: For brevity, the shorthand of --gateway and --data-source-g and -d respectively — are used here.

    If the data source is already installed on the gateway, GrAMPS will override it with the local version. This is extremely useful for debugging, maintenance, and experimentation.


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