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Welcome to the Guidolib project

The Guido project is an open source project that encompasses a music notation format, a score rendering engine and various music score utilities. The Guido Notation Format is a general purpose formal language for representing score-level music in a platform-independent plain text and human readable way. The format comes with various software components for music score rendering and manipulation. The main of these components is the Guido Engine, a library embedable in various platforms and using different programming languages.

About the Wasm library

The libGUIDOEngine wasm library provides all the services of the Guido Engine. The guidoengine.js file is provided as an ES6 interface to the library. The API is similar to the C/C++ API. The guidoengine.ts and libGUIDOEngine.d.ts files are provided as a typescript class and interface to the library.

See the online GuidoEditor for an example of use.

Copyright (C) 2002-2020, GRAME - Centre National de Creation Musicale

All rights reserved


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