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React components for Grafana plugins


There are situations when we require backwards compatibility with core Grafana and new features are only supported by newer versions.

To handle this, we've introduced the compatibility.ts file which contains a list of features and the versions they support for better maintainability.


The way we are currently checking whether a feature is supported is by using the Grafana's BuildInfo.

However, there are cases when this version may be masked from plugins.

Only anonymous users (with read-only access) will be able to have their versions hidden, so this should be taken into consideration when deciding whether we should be adding a new feature to our compatibility list.

Unreleased Components

Sometimes we may want improvements/updates of @grafana/ui components but we don't want to update the minimum required versions of Grafana in our plugins and continue supporting older versions.

To work around this, we can import and export the version of the component we want from @grafana/ui in this project. Plugins can then use the component exported from here rather than @grafana/ui.

If updates to a component in @grafana/ui are available in master but not a Grafana release yet, we can copy the components directly into unreleasedComponents to be used in plugins.

Alternatively, we could use the @grafana/ui: canary version instead. However, there are the following tradeoffs:

  • Multiple canary versions will be released in-between @grafana/ui releases

    • This means in-between these release cycles where the component changes aren't available in a package version, the yarn.lock file will need to be updated for every change we make in this project
  • canary versions include @grafana/ui: master branch

    • This means component changes in the master branch which aren't scheduled for the next major release will be included in the canary package.
    • For example, we have changes in <ComponentA /> that won't be released until v7.5.x and <ComponentB /> has changes which are intended to be released for v7.6. Using canary of @grafana/ui will expose the <ComponentB /> major updates too, which we do not want.

Once a @grafana/ui package is then released and available with the component updates, we can remove the component from this folder and export the imported version from the new @grafana/ui package instead.

This means any component in unreleasedComponents should not be modified - they should stay in sync with what is in @grafana/ui (besides changes in imports or stories) and removed from this project as soon as we can replace it with an actual package version.


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