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    The Australian Government Design System has been decommissioned. Visit for more information.

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    Use tags to apply a taxonomy and link to similar content.



    yarn add
    npm install

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    import AUtag, {AUtagList} from './tags.js';
    <AUtag text="Single tag" />
    <AUtag text="Single tag anchor" link="#" />
    <AUtagList dark tags={[
    			link: '#url',
    			text: 'foo',
    			link: '#url',
    			text: 'bar',
    			//attribute options on the tag
    			attributeOptions: {
    				role: "link",
    				className: "extra class",
    				onClick: event => { event.preventDefault(); console.log('This function is called when the tag is clicked') },
    			// attribute options on the li element
    			li: {
    				className: 'li-wrapping-class',
    			link: '#url',
    			text: 'baz',
    			//non-link tag
    			text: 'boing',
    ]} />

    All props:

    	text="Single tag anchor" 
    	dark={ false }           {/* A dark variation of the component */}
      dark={ false }           {/* A dark variation of the component */}
          link: 'url/to/tag',  {/* The href link of this tag, optional */}
          linkComponent: 'a',  {/* The component used for the link, optional. Can also use Link from React Router */}
    			text: 'tagname',     {/* The text of the tag */}
    			attributeOptions: {} {/* An object that will be spread into the tag element*/}
          li: {},              {/* An object that will be spread onto the <li> tag, optional */}
    			/*Another tag*/

    (💡 additional props are spread onto the component)

    For more details have a look at the usage example.

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    Dependency graph

    └─ core

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    The visual test:

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    Release History

    • v4.0.1 - Update core package dependency to use the latest version
    • v4.0.0 - Refactor tags so they don't have to be in a list
    • v3.1.7 - Remove --save-dev flag from readme instructions
    • v3.1.6 - Removed unused Fragment React import
    • v3.1.5 - Removed uikit references
    • v3.1.4 - Update dependencies
    • v3.1.3 - Removing web pack dev server, updating dependencies
    • v3.1.2 - Fixed build scripts for Windows
    • v3.1.1 - Replace node-sass with sass
    • v3.1.0 - React router support
    • v3.0.0 - Remove support for Description List
      for accessibility, Update dependencies
    • v2.0.2 - Change homepage links
    • v2.0.1 - Fix dependencies
    • v2.0.0 - Change to focus colour and border/muted color mix
    • v1.0.0 - Moved to AU namespace, added new color themes and spacing
    • v0.3.0 - Added pancake-react plugin, ES5 main file
    • v0.2.0 - Added react component
    • v0.1.1 - Fixed a11y contrast issue
    • v0.1.0 - 💥 Initial version

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    Copyright (c) Commonwealth of Australia. Licensed under MIT.

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