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Converts the JSON representation of a Google Docs document into an HTML abstract syntax tree (HAST) which can be serialized to HTML or converted to Markdown.

Note: This library does not intend to match the rendering by Google Docs.


Install using NPM or similar.

npm i @googleworkspace/google-docs-hast


import { toHast } from "@googleworkspace/google-docs-hast";

// Retrieve document from API, https://developers.google.com/docs/api
const doc = ...;

// Convert the document to an HTML AST.
const tree = toHast(doc);

To get the serialized representation of the HTML AST, use the rehype-stringify package.

import { unified } from "unified";
import rehypeStringify from "rehype-stringify";

// Convert the document to an HTML string.
const html = unified()
  .use(rehypeStringify, { collapseEmptyAttributes: true })


All <img> elements should be post-processed as the src attribute is only valid for a short time and is of the pattern https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/....

import { visit } from "unist-util-visit";

visit(tree, (node) => {
  if (node.type === "element" && node.tagName === "img") {
    const { src } = node.properties;
    // download, store, and replace the src attribute
    node.properties.src = newSrc;

Named styles

Named styles are converted to an HTML element matching the following table.

Named Style HTML
Title <h1 class="title"></h1>
Subtitle <p class="subtitle"></p>
Heading 1 <h1 class="heading-1"></h1>
Heading 2 <h2 class="heading-2"></h2>
Heading 3 <h3 class="heading-3"></h3>
Heading 4 <h4 class="heading-4"></h4>
Heading 5 <h5 class="heading-5"></h5>
Heading 6 <h6 class="heading-6"></h6>
Normal Text <p class="normal-text"></p>

Text styles

Text styles are converted to an HTML element: <i>, <strong>, <s>, <sub>, <sup>, and <u>.

If there is no direct mapping, a <span> with CSS is used to support features such as text color and font. This can be disabled with { styles: false }.

Anchor links

Header IDs are in the form id="h.wn8l66qm9m7y" when exported from the Google Docs API. By default, header tag IDs are updated to match their text content. See github-slugger for more information on how this is done.

For example, the following html:

<h1 class="heading-1" id="h.wn8l66qm9m7y">A heading</h1>


<h1 class="heading-1" id="a-heading">A heading</h1>

This can be disabled with { prettyHeaderIds: false}.

const tree = toHast(doc, { prettyHeaderIds: false });

Unsupported Features

Some features of Google Docs are not currently supported by this library. This list is not exhaustive.

Type Supported Bug
Styles applied to embedded objects including borders, rotations, transparency
documentStyle including pageSize, margins, etc
namedStyles ( only added as class name on the appropriate tag )
Page numbers
Page breaks

Note: This library does not intend to match the rendering by Google Docs.

This is not an official Google product.

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npm i @googleworkspace/google-docs-hast

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