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use telegram-mtproto instead


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Deprecation Notice

Don’t use this for new projects.
telegram-mtproto is much more advanced and has a better API.

Also check treact. My attempt to write Telegram client in React.js


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Telegram TypeLanguage (TL) unofficial library in pure javascript on the Node.js platform

About TypeLanguage..

TypeLanguage "serves to describe the used system of types, constructors, and existing functions" of the Telegram Mobile Protocol (MTProto)

telegram-tl-node in short..

The telegram-tl-node library implements the core TypeLanguage types (like the base TypeObject and others defined here) and therefore a layer for the binary data serialization of the instances.

This library also implements the TypeBuilder class that parses the TypeLanguage schemas in JSON format and dynamically writes Type classes and functions in pure javascript.

@goodmind/ main project depends by this library.


$ git clone --branch=master git://
$ cd telegram-tl-node
$ npm install

Unit Testing

$ npm test


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The project is released under the MIT License

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