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GoldenComm's CLI Helper

This package contains a command-line tool that is meant to be used with GoldenComm's build scripts package.


Install this package globally so that you can use the gc command. For MacOS users with the zsh (Z shell), you can also use gc-cli in place of the gc command.

$ npm i -g @goldencomm/cli

Verify Platform

The build-scripts package only supports the main CMS platforms used at GoldenComm. From a theme's main directory, run the platform command to make sure that platform is supported.

$ gc platform

To set the platform, add the platform name as the 3rd command argument.

$ gc platform kentico

Setting Up a Theme

When you first clone/download a theme that is using the build-scripts package, run the setup command to install npm packages and run the platform's setup scripts.

$ gc setup

Watch Mode

Running the gc command without any other commands is an alias for gc start. This will run the theme's WebPack build in watch mode.

Production Flag

There are two different ways of running production mode using this tool. The primary way is to run the production command. That will run all of the platform-specific scripts for a production build, as well as minify theme's main assets. This process is recommended for pre-launch production builds.

$ gc production

You can also run the theme's main assets in production and watch mode by adding the "production" (alias "p") flag. This process is helpful for sites that have already launched and you're doing any bugfixing or testing with minified assets.

$ gc -p


Run the help command to get a list of all commands and flags with their descriptions and aliases.

$ gc help



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