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    Validation of locale ids used with react-intl functions/components like <FormattedMessage />, formatMessage and defineMessages.


    You'll first need to install ESLint:

    $ npm install eslint --save-dev

    Next, install @godaddy/eslint-plugin-react-intl:

    $ npm install @godaddy/eslint-plugin-react-intl --save-dev

    Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) than you must also install @godaddy/eslint-plugin-react-intl globally.


    Add @godaddy/react-intl to the config. You can omit the eslint-plugin- prefix:

      "extends": ["godaddy/react-intl"]

    Alternatively, you can add @godaddy/react-intl to the plugins section of config:

        "plugins": [

    By default, id-missing and no-default rules are enabled to show as errors, and id-prefix rule is disabled. If you need to set any of these rules differently, then configure the rules under the rules section.

        "rules": {
            "@godaddy/react-intl/<rule-name>": 2

    By default, the plugin reads locales/en-US.json to apply these eslint rules. The default can be changed by adding this setting to the config

        "settings": {
            "localeFiles": [
                "<path to locale file.json>",
                "<path to any other locale file.json>"

    If your IDE integrates with eslint, and you are working on multiple packages in a project such as a monorepo, then it may have trouble finding which locale files to check keys against. To help with this, you can specify the projectRoot setting. This will need to be an absolute path to the package, which can be determined dynamically from one machine to another by using __dirname in a .eslintrc.js file.

    module.exports = {
        "settings": {
            "projectRoot": __dirname

    Locale Files

    The locale files should be named with their market id (like en-US.json) and should contain data in key-value pair format

      "in_a_example": "Example",
      "in_a_another_example": "Another Example"

    Supported Rules

    • id-missing Enforces react-intl message ids to be in locale file
    • id-prefix Enforces react-intl message ids to use predefined prefixes
    • no-default Disallows use of defaultMessage with react-intl


    npm i @godaddy/eslint-plugin-react-intl

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