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    Utility contracts for Gnosis

    The token and contracts can be in Etherscan:

    Setup and show the networks

    # Install dependencies
    yarn install
    # Compile and restore the network addresses
    yarn restore
    # Show current network addresses
    yarn networks

    Generate a new version

    # In a release branch (i.e. release/vX.Y.X)
    # Migrate the version to the testnets, at least rinkeby, and posibly mainnet
    # You can optionally change the gas price using the GAS_PRICE_GWEI env variable
    yarn restore
    MNEMONIC="your mnemonic here..." yarn migrate --network rinkeby
    # Extract the network file
    yarn networks-extract
    # Verify the contract in Etherscan
    # Folow the steps in "Verify contract"
    # Commit the network file
    git add network.json
    git commit -m 'Update the networks file'
    # Generate version using Semantic Version: https://semver.org/
    # For example, for a minor version
    npm version minor
    git push
    git push --tags
    # Deploy npm package
    npm publish --access=public
    # Merge tag into develop, to deploy it to production, also merge it into master
    git checkout develop
    git merge vX.Y.X

    Verify contract

    Flatten the smart contract:

    npx truffle-flattener contracts/<contract-name>.sol > build/<contract-name>-EtherScan.sol

    Go to Etherscan validation page:

    • Go tohttps://rinkeby.etherscan.io/verifyContract?a=
    • Fill the information:
      • Use build/TokenGNO-<contract-name>.sol
      • Set the exact compiler version used for the compilation i.e. v0.4.24+commit.e67f0147
      • Optimization: No
    • Press validate


    npm i @gnosis.pm/util-contracts

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