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    Gnosis Prediction Market Contracts


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    Collection of smart contracts for the Gnosis prediction market platform ( To interact with those contracts have a look at (


    Install requirements with npm:

    npm install

    Testing and Linting

    Run all tests (requires Node version >=7 for async/await, and will automatically run TestRPC in the background):

    npm test

    Run all tests matching a regexp pattern by setting the TEST_GREP environment variable

    TEST_GREP='short selling' npm test

    Lint the JS

    npm run lint

    Compile and Deploy

    These commands apply to the RPC provider running on port 8545. You may want to have TestRPC running in the background. They are really wrappers around the corresponding Truffle commands.

    Compile all contracts to obtain ABI and bytecode:

    npm run compile

    Migrate all contracts required for the basic framework onto network associated with RPC provider:

    npm run migrate

    Network Artifacts

    Show the deployed addresses of all contracts on all networks:

    npm run networks

    Command line options for truffle can be passed down through NPM by preceding the options list with --. For example:

    Clean network artifacts:

    npm run networks -- --clean

    Network artifacts from running migrations will contain addresses of deployed contracts on the Kovan and Rinkeby testnets.

    Take network info from networks.json and inject it into contract build artifacts. This is done prepublish as well.

    npm run injectnetinfo

    Extract all network information into networks.json.

    Be aware that this will clobber networks.json, so be careful with this command:

    npm run extractnetinfo

    Gas Measurements

    Log gas measurements into build/gas-stats.json

    npm run measuregasstats


    There is a copy version hosted online at

    Build docs for readthedocs

    Requires pango installed:


    Security and Liability

    All contracts are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


    All smart contracts are released under GPL v.3.



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