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    This package allows you to Glue42 enable your Electron application.

    Basic Usage

    1. Install the package
    npm i @glue42/electron
    1. Initialize the package in the main process of your Electron app, after Electron's app ready event.
    import * as glue42Electron from '@glue42/electron';
    const config = {
        appDefinition: {
            name: 'desktop-electron-app',
            title: 'Desktop Electron App'
    const glue = await glue42Electron.initialize(config);
    1. When your Electron window is ready, register it with Glue42
    const gdMainWindow = glue.registerStartupWindow(this.mainWindow, {allowChannels: true, channelId: "Red"});

    When you do this and you run yor app, the package will:

    • discover any running Glue42 instance, and connect to it
    • inject glue42 API into any window of your app
    • your main Window will become sticky and now you can stick it to any Glue42 windows


    Inject FDC3

    By default the lib will inject Glue42 API into any window - if you want to change this and inject FDC3 you need to set inject option to "fdc3" when initializing the lib

    const glue = await glue42Electron.initialize({ inject: "fdc3" });

    Starting option - when the application is started from Glue42 Application Manager

    const options = glue.startupOptions;
    const context = options.context
    const windowOptions = options.windowOptions;

    You can also disable any injection by setting the option to none.

    Application Factories

    You can register your app as factory for certain window types, e.g. if you have a Chat Window in your app, you might want to allow other apps to create this window with a given context. To do so you can register an appFactory

          name: "child-app-electron",
          title: "Glue42 Electron Child Application"
        }, function(appDefinition, context, glue42electron) {
          // if you want some window options to override - you can use this
          // this.title = "my special title"
          // the first parameter is the app definition
          // the second one is the context - when restoring, starting with context
          // the third one is the service object which should be inject in the renderer, when preload: false
          // should return the newly created BrowserWindow
          const bw = new BrowserWindow();
          return bw;

    Registering a Child Window

    const bw = new BrowserWindow();
     const glueWindow = glue.registerChildWindow(bw, {
            name: "child-app-electron-2",
            title: "Glue42 Electron Child Application"
          }, {
              mode: "tab",
              left: 100,
              top: 100,
              width: 400,
              height: 400


    npm i @glue42/electron


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