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Verifier Toolkit

This is the JavaScript library for verifiers integrated with GlobaliD.


Check out our docs for usage information.


The following NPM scripts are available for development:

  • build – Runs the clean, genver, compile, lint, and format:check scripts to build the project
  • clean – Removes the output directory for a clean build
  • compile – Compiles TypeScript files with tsc
  • format – Formats the files with Prettier
  • format:check – Checks the formatting of the files with Prettier
  • genver - Generates a version module with genversion
  • lint – Lints the code with ESLint
  • lint:fix – Attempts to fix problems found by the linter
  • test – Tests the code with Jest
  • test:watch – Tests the code in watch mode

Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be used to override the base URLs used and generated by this library:

  • BASE_GID_API_URL - Base URL of GlobaliD's API (default: https://api.global.id)
  • BASE_GID_CREDENTIALS_URL - Base URL of GlobaliD's Credentials API (default: https://credentials.global.id)
  • BASE_GID_LINK_URL - Base URL of the deep link into GlobaliD's mobile app (default https://link.global.id)

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