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    standard-release -i will generated .standard-release directory.

    • Generated at the repo root directory with default logs.
    • The spec.*.js is the example file, modify & rename to *.js for custom config.
    • spec.changelog.js the default rules for changelog updating.
    • spec.commit.js the default rules for commit message style checking.
    • spec.semver.js the same as -X, -Y, -Z, -P and -B, but cmd-line have high priority.

    Changelog Updating

    • The changelog style following the rules.
    • An example of changelog file following this is HERE.

    --changelog will update change log if the repo commit following the Conventional Commits.

    • If no argument, updating, else updating the given file.
    • It will keep all unknown groups of [Unrelease] if it has.
    • The unknown groups can be user config using changelog.js and commit.js.
    • It will guess the next version shoulb be used base on the git commit history.
    • To update changelog from commit logs start from the previous tag by default.
      • The start point can be config by using --changelog-from.
    • To update changelog filter logs base on the setting of changelog.js and commit.js.


    • To replace ## [Unreleased] to ## 2019-01-05 22:17:07 +0800 Release ...
    • By default all unknown groups of [Unrelease] will be removed if not set --changelog-greed.


    • To make sure keep all unknown groups of [Unrelease].


    • To insert [Unrelease] template to or the given file.


    • To set skip, SKIP, or Skip will ignore all raw commit logs.
    • To given the start point of commit logs to get, can be git tag or SHA1.

    Dev & Testing


    It is recommendate to use standard-release together with githooks.


    npm i @gkide/standard-release

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