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    Broccoli Handlebars

    Broccoli plugin for compiling handlebars templates that supports using an existing Handlebars instance, partials, helpers, and asynchronous render context based on the filename.


    npm install --save broccoli-handlebars


    var Handlebars = require('handlebars');
    var broccoliHandlebars = require('broccoli-handlebars');
    var helpers = require('./my-helpers-object');
    var dataForFile = require('./get-view-data');
    var tree = 'site';
    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, ['pages/**/*.hbs'], {
      helpers: helpers
    , handlebars: Handlebars
    , handlebarsOptions: {strict: true}, 
    , partials: 'partials-path'
    , context: function (filename) { return dataForFile(filename); }
    , destFile: function (filename) { return filename.replace(/\.(hbs|handlebars)$/, ''); }


    var hbsTree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, [outputFiles], options);
    • tree - a broccoli tree or string of handlebars files to watch (including partials for example)
    • outputFiles - an array of filenames or globs that will be compiled
    • options - Handlebars options, see below


    context (optional)

    A function or object used as the render context. The function is passed the filename allowing for dynamic contexts. The function may return a value directly or a promise the resolves to a value.

    function RenderContext () {}
    RenderContext.prototype.render = function (filename) {
      return {
        title: filename.toUpperCase()
    var renderContext = new RenderContext();
    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, {
      // An object that is the same for each file
      context: { title: 'Foo' }
      // or renter data based on the file name
      context: renderContext.render.bind(renderContext)
      // or return a promise
      context: function () { return $.getJSON('/data.json'); }

    destFile (optional)

    A function that returns the name of a Handlebars-compiled file in the Broccoli output tree. The function is called for every input file, with filename supplied. If no function is supplied, the default is for the .hbs or .handlebars suffix of filename to be replaced with .html. E.g. example.hbs becomes example.html.

    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, {
        destFile: function (filename) { return filename.replace(/\.(hbs|handlebars)$/, ''); }
    // Generate output files like Rails sprockets
    // example.json.hbs -> example.json 

    helpers (optional)

    An object of helpers or a function that returns an object of helpers.

    module.exports = {
      firstName: function (str) { return str.split(' ')[0]; }
    // Hi {{firstName user.fullName}}

    handelbars (optional)

    A Handlebars instance. Useful if you need to make sure you are using a specific version or have already registerd partials/helpers.

    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, {
      handlebars: require('handlebars')

    handelbarsOptions (optional)

    Handlebars compile options, see:

    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, {
      handlebarsOptions: {
        noEscape: true,
        strict: true,

    partials (optional)

    A string that is the path to partials.

    var tree = new BroccoliHandlebars(tree, {
      partials: 'path/to/partials'


    npm i @givanse/broccoli-handlebars

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