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Auth Plugin for GiraphQL

This plugin provides a way to handle authorization/permissions checks throughout your schema.

Because GraphQL schemas are graphs and fields can be aliased in responses, knowing what data is accessed at the root a query can be very difficult. Using a traditioal pattern of performing checks at the start of a request, or by inrospecting the result of a request does not work well, since data may be queried through a complex set of relations, and the resulting response can have fields aliased to any other name.

The GirahQL auth plugin tries to solve a number of common authorization patterns/problems:

  • Simple checks on any field in a schem (At the Query/Mutation level, or nested deep inside a schema)
  • Checks that run before resolving any field of a specific type
  • Checks that run after resolving any field of a specific type
  • Defining reusable permissions that are used by multiple field on the same object
  • Granting permissions from a parent field to the objects/types it returns

Full docs available at https://giraphql.com/plugins/auth


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