Network Pipe Manufacturer

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    Giosg Pub SDK and interfaces

    This folder should contain some kind of ts interfaces


    Before publishing, remember to consider the effects your changes have for our users. See semantic versioning.

    Script npm run prepare will run before publishing automatically. Make sure you are in the \giosg_pub\interfaces folder when you are trying to publish the package. Don`t publish something else by accident. If you did, unpublish it within 72 hours. For publishing, you need access to giosg organization in npm. You can request that from one of the organization admins or request them to publish the package.

    1. Update, update package version (e.g. with npm --no-git-tag-version version <major|minor|patch>), and commit.
    2. Create pull request.
    3. Request a review from another experienced developer.
    4. Merge the pull request after approval and passed tests.
    5. Pull master locally.
    6. Login to npm with npm login --scope=giosg. You will be prompted for credentials.
    7. Build version with npm run prepare command.
    8. Publish the package with: npm publish --access public. --access public flag is mandatory because organization packages default to restricted.
    9. Create a new tag on the latest commit on master branch git tag vX.Y.Z X.Y.Z being the published version.
    10. Push the tag to remote git push --tags.


    • add lint
    • add grammarchek




    npm i @giosg/pub-sdk

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