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Explore the GLAWI French dictionary, with TypeScript

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RayonJS is a TypeScript library dedicated to extracting and transforming a subset of the excellent GLAWI French dictionary; even more, it is a plugin for JardineroJS, thus creating a SQLite-based dictionary of French terms.


To install the package as a plugin, please refer to the documentation of JardineroJS.

The current version of the plugin requires Jardinero 2.x

Otherwise, to install it as a library reference within a project:

npm install @giancosta86/rayon


yarn add @giancosta86/rayon

The public API entirely resides in the root package index, so you shouldn't reference specific modules.


RayonJS is designed as a plugin for JardineroJS: please, consult its documentation for details.

However, you can also reference the package as a standalone library for extracting French terms from GLAWI; in this case, you can just import names directly from its root:

import {...} from "@giancosta86/rayon"

In particular, you may want to consider:

  • FrenchTransform - a SAX-based transform stream

  • the FrenchTerm union type - and the related types like Verb, Noun, Article, ...

  • FRENCH_SQLITE_SCHEMA: a string containing the DDL code for SQLite

  • createFrenchWritableBuilder() - creating a WritableBuilder (from the sqlite-writable library) with the required type registrations and with a suitable transaction capacity

Special thanks

Special thanks to the magnificent GLAWI project.

Certains droits sont réservés. GLAWI est diffusé sous licence Creative Commons By-SA 3.0. Le logo de GLAWI est réalisé par Darwin.

Further reference

For more details, you are all invited to explore:

  • JardineroJS - the web stack itself, designed for extensible linguistic analysis

  • JardineroJS - SDK - the development kit for creating your own plugins

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