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    Material-UI pickers

    Accessible, customizable, delightful date & time pickers for @material-ui/core

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    Note that this package requires @material-ui/core v4. It will not work with the old v3. Please read the migration guide if you are updating from v2

    // via npm
    npm i @ghondar/pickers
    // via yarn
    yarn add @ghondar/pickers

    Now choose the library that pickers will use to work with date. We are providing interfaces for moment, luxon, dayjs and date-fns v2. If you are not using moment in the project (or don’t have it in the bundle already) we suggest using date-fns or luxon, because they are much lighter and will be correctly tree-shaked from the bundle. Note, that we are fully relying on date-io for supporting different libraries.

    npm i date-fns@next @date-io/date-fns
    // or
    npm i moment @date-io/moment
    // or
    npm i luxon @date-io/luxon
    // or
    npm i dayjs @date-io/dayjs

    Then teach pickers which library to use with MuiPickerUtilsProvider. This component takes a utils property, and makes it available down the React tree thanks to React context. It should preferably be used at the root of your component tree.

    import MomentUtils from '@date-io/moment';
    import DateFnsUtils from '@date-io/date-fns';
    import LuxonUtils from '@date-io/luxon';
    import { MuiPickersUtilsProvider } from '@ghondar/pickers';
    function App() {
      return (
        <MuiPickersUtilsProvider utils={DateFnsUtils}>
          <Root />
    render(<App />, document.querySelector('#app'));


    Check out the documentation website

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    Changelog available here


    For information about how to contribute, see the CONTRIBUTING file.


    The project is licensed under the terms of MIT license


    npm i @ghondar/pickers

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