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    QRCode.js is javascript library for making QRCode.

    QRCode.js supports Cross-browser with HTML5 Canvas and table tag in DOM. QRCode.js has no dependencies.

    This is a fork of

    In this version, I have added the following features:

    • we fixed Code Length Overflow error.

    • blockRatio to change the size of the block. It takes a value between 0 and 1. It's probably not a good idea to use a value smaller than 0.3.

    • cover is a URL pointing to an image. This image should be the same size as the QR code.

    • overlayOptions contain the same thing as other options. Because a second layer is drawn on top of the cover image, you can configure additional options here.

    • Removed SVG and table drawer.

    • Added margin option. (normally, if you save the QR code image on your phone and if the background color of the photo viewer on the Android phone is also black, then the QR code can not be scanned; adding a white margin fixes this problem)

    • Needs IE 9+.


    Basic Usage

    One way to use QRCode.js is by declaring a div into which the data will be generated.

    <div id="qrcode"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    new QRCode(document.getElementById("qrcode"), "");

    Options may also be specified as a JSON object in the constructor function:

    <div id="qrcode"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var qrcode = new QRCode(document.getElementById("qrcode"), {
    	text: "",
    	cover: ""
    	width: 280,
    	height: 280,
    	colorDark:    "#000000",
    	colorLight:   "#ffffff",
    	correctLevel: QRCode.CorrectLevel.H,
    	margin:       0,
    	overlayOptions: {
    		blockRatio: 0.4,
    	useSVG : "false"

    and given the qrcode object you can use methods like makeCode() and clear() to modify existing code.

    qrcode.clear(); // clear the code.
    qrcode.makeCode(""); // make another code.

    Browser Compatibility

    IE6~10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Android, Windows Mobile, ETC.


    MIT License


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    • twitter @icedwater for documentation


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