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A web component element to access the GeoAdmin search API.


npm install @geoblocks/ga-search

Example Usage

<ga-search limit="42">
  <input placeholder="Search...">

The component has to have an input and ul as children element. The query text is taken from the input and the results are displayed in the ul.



Name Type Default Description
minlength number 1 The minimum number of characters of the input to start a search.
limit number 15 The number of result per type.
debounceTime number 200 Time in milliseconds that the component should wait after last keystroke before calling search function.
lang string Language code (de, fr, it , rm, or en). Default is the value of the lang attribute of the HTML document.
types string 'location' A comma separated list of types of search to use. Can be a combination of 'location', 'layer', 'feature' and 'additionalSource'. The order of this list is used as the display order.
sr string '4326' The spatial reference code for output geometries. Can be 21781, 2056, 3857 or 4326
locationOrigins string 'zipcode,gg25' A comma separated list of location origins. Possible origins are: zipcode, gg25, district, kantone, gazetteer, address and parcel.
featureLayers string A comma separated list of technical layer names to be used by the feature search.
filterResults function Optional filter function applied to the result array. The function accepts three arguments: element, index and array and must return a boolean.
renderResult function Optional function to change the result line. The function accepts two arguments: result and label and must return a string.
additionalSource object
historyEnabled boolean true Enable search history or not. If enabled, show history as result list when the input length is less than minlength
storage object Storage Define which storage to be use to store search history. Should implement methods addEntry(entry) to add a new entry to the history and getHistory() to return the history. The default Storage support a default limit of 10 entry. This can be changed by setting storage.setLimit(limit).


Name Detail Description
submit {result: Feature} Fired when a search result is selected.

Running the demo

npm i
npm run start




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npm i @geoblocks/ga-search

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