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The easiest way to start a serverless full-stack application


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What is create-genezio-app

create-genezio-app generates project templates that suit your needs, so you can focus on coding the application logic using your favorite programming language.

You are welcome to integrate your own libraries to solve the needs of your application.



  • 👩‍💻  Generate a starting project for your backend code in Javascript, Typescript or Dart.
  • 🖼️  Generate a starting project for your backend code in React or Flutter.
  • 🔨  Integration with git to version your code.

Getting started

Generate your template

To start an application using create-genezio-app run the following command and answer the command prompt questions:

npx @genezio/create-genezio-app

Deploy with genezio

To see magic happening, you can also deploy your application on a serverless infrastructure using genezio.

Install genezio on you machine:

npm install -g genezio

Login into our infrastructure with:

genezio login

Head to the server directory of your project and run:

cd /<project-directory>/server && genezio deploy


To find more details on how to use genezio, check out the official documentation:

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the docs, don't hesitate to drop us a GitHub issue or start a discussion on Discord.

Getting support

We want you to get your project up and running in no-time.

If you find yourself in a pickle using genezio or create-genezio-app, drop us a GitHub issue, start a discussion with us on Discord or drop us an email at

System requirements

  • genezio can be installed and used on macOS, Linux-based distributions and Windows.
  • A version of node >= 14.0.0 should be installed on your machine.


For the most common issues that our users have dealt with, we created a Troubleshooting section in the documentation.

If you don't find the guidance there, drop us a GitHub issue. We are more than happy to help you!


Contributions are welcome! Please see our Contributing Guide for more details.

Show your support by giving us a star , to help others discover genezio and become part of our community!


There are a growing number of awesome projects deployed with genezio and we want to shout out about them.

If you deployed a project using genezio let us know on Discord and we will add it to our Hall Of Fame.


Brag to your friends that you are using genezio with this awesome badge -> deployed with: genezio

[![deployed with: genezio](](


create-genezio-app is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0. For more information, please refer to LICENSE.

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