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    k8-docker-config package

    This is a generator for updating docker and k8 files created for Genesis framework. This can be used in a non-genesis project as well, as no dependency on nx.


    Additional details around this generator package can be found here


    Prerequisite For Using this package into your app, please follow the below steps

    • Install this npm package to your repo first
    • yarn add @genesisx/k8-docker-config
    • or
    • npm install @genesisx/k8-docker-config
    • Now follow the either of the two modes to use this generator

    Via NX Console

    • Navigate to NX console > Generate > @genesisx/k8-docker-config:templated
    • Fill out the form to specify the type of configuration files you wish to make.(k8/dockerfile/both). Enter the following fields:
      • project: To update the folders with deployment configs, select the Project App Name.
      • appName : service.yml, ingress.yml, deployment.yml, and Dockerfile all need to have the application name updated to the text of the deployment config files.
      • namespace: namespace to be added to the service deployment.
      • hostname: The hostname of where the service will be installed.
      • path: route at which the service will be reachable.
      • imageName: path to the docker image to be deployed onto kubernetes for a particular service.
    • When Run is clicked then the K8s folder will be created with the required files inside the project

    Via Command line

    • Alternatively, k8 templates can be generated using cli

    • nx generate @genesisx/k8-docker-config:templated --project=PROJECT_NAME --appName=APP_NAME --image=IMAGE_NAME

    • suppply the parameters in above command as per your project

    • e.g.

      • nx generate @genesisx/k8-docker-config:templated react-1 react1 node:image --configFiles=all
    • You can verify in the selected project/app, the new k8 chart files are placed


    Build & Test Commands

    To build the CLI run this command in the terminal:

    nx run k8-docker-config:build

    To execute lint checks run:

    nx run k8-docker-config:lint

    To execute unit test cases run:

    nx run k8-docker-config:test


    To publish the package you must first be logged into NPM (npm login) then run this command from the root of the project.

    • Make sure the package name in package.json should start with @genesisx/
    • Also use the correct version number in package.json same will be used for the published package.
    • Use your NPM js credentials (Publicis Sapient) with publish rights
    • Verify the package at https://www.npmjs.com/settings/genesisx/packages
    npm publish dist/packages/k8-docker-config --access public




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