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    Gelato Limit Order React SDK

    Use Gelato's react component or hooks to place limit buy and sell orders on Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom using Gelato Network.

    • To hook it up in simple and direct way, using our default style, just use our react component (uniswap trade style widget). It's as is as a couple of lines of code.
    • If your want to build your custom UI you can use our react hooks and plug them in into your components. Check the steps below.

    ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ : Version 1.0.0 introduced new features and our system changed to an approval/transferFrom flow. You should use the latest version available (>= 1.0.0). If you are using an old version you should update to the latest version immediately. Versions below 1.0.0 are being deprecated.


    Gelato Limit orders


    yarn add -D @gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react


    npm install --save-dev @gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react

    Getting started

    Wrap your app with the GelatoProvider and pass the gelato reducers into your redux store.

    In your store pass the gelato reducers:

    import { configureStore } from "@reduxjs/toolkit";
    import { save, load } from "redux-localstorage-simple";
    import {
    } from "@gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react";
    // OPTIONAL: set the gelato persisted keys
    // If don't use `redux-localstorage-simple` you can skip this step and only set the reducers
    // You can also skip you don't use the GelatoLimitOrderPanel component
    const PERSISTED_KEYS: string[] = ["your_keys", ...GELATO_PERSISTED_KEYS];
    const store = configureStore({
      reducer: {
        // Pass the gelato reducers
      middleware: [save({ states: PERSISTED_KEYS, debounce: 1000 })],
      preloadedState: load({ states: PERSISTED_KEYS }),
    export default store;

    In your main file wrap your app with GelatoProvider:

    import React from "react";
    import ReactDOM from "react-dom";
    import { GelatoProvider } from "@gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react";
    import { useActiveWeb3React } from "hooks/web3";
    function Gelato({ children }: { children?: React.ReactNode }) {
      const { library, chainId, account } = useActiveWeb3React();
      return (
          account={account ?? undefined}
          // Optionally your can set a specific handler to block trades on a specific handler
          // Currently we offer support out of the box for "uniswap", "quickswap", "spookyswap" and "spiritswap"
          // Please reach out to us if you want to register a custom handler
          // Make sure chainId and handler are valid
          // handler={'uniswap'}
          // [ONLY IF USING COMPONENT] Optionally pass a toggle modal to be able to connect
          // to a wallet via the component button
          // toggleWalletModal={toggleWalletModal}
          // By default `useDefaultTheme`and `useDarkMode` are set to true
          // Optionally, if you can try to use and pass your own theme by setting `useDefaultTheme`={false}
          // as long as it conforms with our theme definitions (you can check our `ThemeProvider` [here](https://github.com/gelatodigital/limit-orders-lib/tree/master/packages/limit-orders-react/theme/index.tsx))
          // Optionally, if your main theme does not comply with our definitions, you can also wrap `GelatoProvider`
          // with a custom `ThemeProvider` with your own custom definitions. (check our `ThemeProvider` as an example)
          // useDefaultTheme={false}
          // useDarkMode={false}
        <FixedGlobalStyle />
        <Web3ReactProvider getLibrary={getLibrary}>
          <Web3ProviderNetwork getLibrary={getLibrary}>
            <Provider store={store}>
                <ThemedGlobalStyle />
                    <App />

    Use the Gelato react component

    Using the Gelato react component is the easiest option to get limit orders into your app.

    import React from "react";
    import {
    } from "@gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react";
    export default function LimitOrder() {
      return (
          {/*To hide common bases in search modal you can pass into the component `showCommonBases={false}` */}
          <GelatoLimitOrderPanel />
          <GelatoLimitOrdersHistoryPanel />

    Use the Gelato react hooks

    Using the gelato hooks all logic and state updates are encapsulated and all your have to do is plug them into your application.

    Hooks available:

    • useGelatoLimitOrders()
    • useGelatoLimitOrdersHandlers()
    • useGelatoLimitOrdersHistory()
    • useGelatoLimitOrdersLib()
    import React from "react";
    import {
    } from "@gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react";
    export default function LimitOrder() {
      const {
        handlers: {
        derivedOrderInfo: {
        orderState: { independentField, rateType, typedValue },
      } = useGelatoLimitOrders();
      const { open, cancelled, executed } = useGelatoLimitOrdersHistory();

    See complete integration example here.

    Note: You can also import the following hooks and functions from the library:

    • useCurrency (to get the currency entity to be traded by address)
    • useUSDCValue (to get fiat value given a CurrencyAmount)
    • useCurrencyBalances (to get account balances for given Currencies)
    • useTradeExactIn (to get a trade using an input amount)
    • useTradeExactOut (to get a trade using an output amount)
    • tryParseAmount (to try to parse a user entered amount for a given token)
    • ApprovalState and useApproveCallbackFromInputCurrencyAmount (to max approve and verify allowance)
    • useTransactionAdder (to add published transaction)


    useGelatoLimitOrders(): {
      handlers: GelatoLimitOrdersHandlers;
      derivedOrderInfo: DerivedOrderInfo;
      orderState: OrderState;
    useGelatoLimitOrdersHandlers(): {
      handleLimitOrderSubmission: (
        orderToSubmit: {
          inputToken: string;
          outputToken: string;
          inputAmount: string;
          outputAmount: string;
          owner: string;
        overrides?: Overrides
      ) => Promise<TransactionResponse>;
      handleLimitOrderCancellation: (
        order: Order,
        orderDetails?: {
          inputTokenSymbol: string;
          outputTokenSymbol: string;
          inputAmount: string;
          outputAmount: string;
        overrides?: Overrides
      ) => Promise<TransactionResponse>;
      handleInput: (field: Field, value: string) => void;
      handleCurrencySelection: (
        field: Field.INPUT | Field.OUTPUT,
        currency: Currency
      ) => void;
      handleSwitchTokens: () => void;
      handleRateType: (rateType: Rate, price?: Price<Currency, Currency>) => void;
    // includeOrdersWithNullHandler defaults to false
    useGelatoLimitOrdersHistory(includeOrdersWithNullHandler?: boolean): {
      open: { pending: Order[]; confirmed: Order[] };
      cancelled: { pending: Order[]; confirmed: Order[] };
      executed: Order[];
    useGelatoLimitOrdersLib(): GelatoLimitOrders | undefined

    Need help? Want to add a new handler?

    Reach out to us on Telegram, Discord or Twitter


    npm i @gelatonetwork/limit-orders-react

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