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What is it?

iTowns is a Three.js-based framework written in Javascript/WebGL for visualizing 3D geospatial data.

It can connect to WMS/WMTS/TMS servers including elevation data and load many different data formats (3dTiles, GeoJSON, Vector Tiles, GPX and much more). A complete list of features and supported data formats is available on the wiki.

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Documentation and examples

The official documentation is available here. It contains tutorials to help you start using iTowns, and an API reference. You can find more informations on its contribution here.

Official examples can be viewed here. Some examples available:

iTowns examples

How to use

You can use it through npm (the preferred way) or download a bundle from our github release page.

With npm

In your project:

npm install --save itowns

This package contains the ES5-compatible sources of iTowns.

If you're using a module bundler (like wepback), you can directly write require('itowns') in your code.

Alternatively, we provide a bundle you can directly include in your html files that exposes itowns in window:

<script src="node_modules/itowns/dist/itowns.js"></script>

/!\ Please note that this bundle also contains the dependencies.

From a release bundle

See our release page. Note that there isn't a lot of support for older version of iTowns, we highly recommand to use the last release everytime.


If you are interested in contributing to iTowns, please read the CONTRIBUTING guide and the CODING guide.

iTowns has been redesigned from this early version.


iTowns is dual-licenced under Cecill-B V1.0 and MIT. Incorporated libraries are published under their original licences.

See LICENSE.md for more information.


iTowns is an original work from French IGN, MATIS research laboratory. It has been funded through various research programs involving the French National Research Agency, Cap Digital, UPMC, Mines ParisTec, CNRS, LCPC.

iTowns is currently maintained by IGN and AtolCD, and has been maintained by Oslandia in the past. It has also received contributions from people listed here.

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