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@fylgja/utilkit has been replace and split in to 2 new packages, for the sass functions see @fylgja/sass and for CSS utility classes see @fylgja/utilpack


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Fylgja UtilKit

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The UtilKit is a small helper package. that can make complex tasks easier.

By offering easy tools to speed up you development. It offers you SCSS functions and mixins. And utility-class builder that is super small compared to other utility class frameworks.

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npm install @fylgja/utilkit

How to use

Include the utilkit package in to your code via;

@import "@fylgja/utilkit"; // (DartSass, LibSass 3.6)
@import "@fylgja/utilkit/index"; // old way

Or just the utilkit classes, via;

@import "@fylgja/utilkit/utilkit.css";

There is allot to cover. So each section is split in it is own file.


This contains SCSS functions that extend on base SCSS function like an str-replace or an encode-svg. And has some helper mixins to easily build @media based styles.

For more on what each function/mixin does, Check it out here →

Util classes

The utilkit comes with super strong util class builder and some good defaults.

To use these classes first include the build-util mixin.

It is best to load this last after all other css. This will allows it to override most styles without using an important.

By just calling the build-util mixin will also load the default config. More on what you are loading and how to configure it here →

If you want more control on what you are loading.

First set the $utilkit-import to none.

Second (if not allready done) call the build-util mixin.

And third add your settings to it as found on the class builder readmore →

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