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Welcome to @frostbytedata/muuid 👋

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Memorable UUID generator written in JS with up to 10.5 Billion possible combinations.

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npm install muuid --save



const muuid = require('muuid')

const muuids = muuid({
  quantity: 10,
  format: ['adjective', 'color', 'verb', 'noun', 'number']




Using example.js

Simply examine and run the example.js file in your terminal to see how to use the library:

node example.js

Config Options

format An array of strings that determines how the muuid will be structured. The order of types is used when the id is generated. It can take the following format types:

['adjective', 'color', 'verb', 'noun', 'number']

quantity How many ids you want to batch generate at a single time.

duplicateReport Will output in console a simple report of duplicates.

Universal Uniqueness

Ok, you got me, technically this library does not produce Universally Unique memorable IDs as the name implies... When generating and using this tool to create IDs in your application, you should check their uniqueness against values you have already generated and stored. Also, due to the nature of this being a "memorable ID", I would avoid relying on this library to provide universal uniqueness across multiple different independent systems. I may attempt to modify the config options in the future to allow users to generate a more universally unique number or string to the output more akin to something you would see in a UUID.

In my testing, out of 5 million generated muuids, around 0.075% of them will not be unique, and that percentage slowly rises as you generate more. This is why it is critical to implement a duplicate check in your system before using any given outputted muuid.

Run tests

npm run test


👤 Parker Lawson

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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page. You can also take a look at the contributing guide.

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Copyright © 2021 Parker Lawson.
This project is MIT licensed.

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