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🖍️ Crayons

Freshworks Crayons is a library of UI components that help create an intuitive and uniform user interface for all your apps. This collection of Web components helps developers build apps that adhere to the UX standards set by the Freshworks Design System.


Please refer to the usage guidelines here.


You can refer to the documentation on the Crayons Website.

Development and Contribution

  • Clone the repo:
git clone https://github.com/freshworks/crayons
cd crayons
npm install
git config core.hooksPath .git/hooks/
  • To start in dev mode with HMR and Storybook:
npm run dev
  • To build the components for production, run:
npm run build:components
  • To run the tests for the components, run:
npm run test
  • To generate a new component, run:
npm run generate

Please see CONTRIBUTING GUIDELINES for more details.

Code of Conduct

Please read the Code of Conduct here.

Naming Components

When generating components, the custom element tags is prefixed with fw- while the rest of the name is modified to support web component standards. For example, if a component is generated with the name Label, the component that would be generated would be <fw-label/>.

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This project is built with StencilJS. You can check out the following links for further information:

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