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    What am I looking at? 🤔

    This repository is our monorepo holding all our NPM packages.

    This folder holds: @freesewing/

    About FreeSewing 💀

    Where the world of makers and developers collide, that's where you'll find FreeSewing.

    If you're a maker, checkout where you can generate our sewing patterns adapted to your measurements.

    If you're a developer, our documentation is on Our core library is a batteries-included toolbox for parametric design of sewing patterns. But we also provide a range of plugins that further extend the functionality of the platform.

    If you have NodeJS installed, you can try it right now by running:

    npx create-freesewing-pattern

    Or, consult our getting started guides for Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

    We also have a pattern design tutorial that walks you through your first parametric design, and a friendly community with people who can help you when you get stuck.

    Support FreeSewing: Become a patron 🥰

    FreeSewing is an open source project run by a community, and financially supported by our patrons.

    If you feel what we do is worthwhile, and you can spend a few coind without hardship, then you should join us and become a patron.

    Links 👩‍💻

    License: MIT 🤓

    © Joost De Cock.
    See the license file for details.

    Where to get help 🤯

    Our chatrooms on Discord are the best place to ask questions, share your feedback, or just hang out.

    If you want to report a problem, please create an issue.


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