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    Consolidate Adapter

    Generic template engine adapter for Fractal, powered by consolidate.js.

    If a specific Fractal template engine adapter for your desired language is available then it is recommended to use that instead as it will likely be easier to use and configure than this generic handler.

    Currently specific template engine adapters have been implemented for:

    Note: Due to the way that Consolidate handles loading of templates, this engine cannot be used for rendering pages, only components.


    1. Install the consolidate engine adapter

    npm i @frctl/consolidate-adapter --save

    2. Install the template language parser

    As an example, to use Swig templates, first you need to install Swig:

    npm i swig --save

    2. Add configuration details

    You then need to add the configuration details into your fractal.js file:

    var fractal = require('@frctl/fractal');
    fractal.engine('consolidate', '@frctl/consolidate-adapter', {
        engine: 'swig' // The template language to use
    fractal.set('components.engine', 'consolidate'); // use the consolidate handler
    fractal.set('components.ext', '.swig'); // look for files with a .swig file extension

    You can see a full list of supported template languages on the Consolidate documentation.

    Template Engine Instances

    You can customise the template engine instance in your fractal.js file if you want to add filters, globals, mixins etc before templates are rendered.

    For example, to extend the above example to use a customised instance of Swig you could do the following:

    const swig    = require('swig');
    const fractal = require('@frctl/fractal');
    // Add a custom Swig filter
    swig.setFilter('join', function (input, char) {
      return input.join(char);
    fractal.engine('consolidate', '@frctl/consolidate-adapter', {
        engine: 'swig',
        instance: swig // Pass in the custom Swig instance
    fractal.set('components.engine', 'consolidate');
    fractal.set('components.ext', '.swig');




    npm i @frctl/consolidate-adapter

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