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    gulp-merge-addon plugin

    You can use this plugin to merge UIExtension addons in a project without webpack and then import them like modules.

    Import Example

    import TextObjectAddon from '@addons/text-object/';

    Getting started

    To begin, you'll need to install gulp and this plugin:

    npm i -D gulp @foxitsoftware/gulp-merge-addon



    Add gulpfile.js in the root directory of your project if it has not been created:

    const gulp = require('gulp');
    const mergeAddon = require('@foxitsoftware/gulp-merge-addon');
    const libPath = 'path/to/the/sdk/lib';
    gulp.task('merge-addon', () => {
        return gulp.src([libPath + 'uix-addons/*/'])
            library: 'UIExtensionAddons',
            filename: 'merged-addons.js'


    Add the following command in your package.json

        "scripts": {
            "merge-addon": "gulp merge-addon"

    Merge Addons

    Now, you can merge UIExtension's addons by this command in the root directory of your project:

    npm run merge-addon

    Once done, the file /dist/merged-addons.js will be created.

    Import merged addons

    Now you can import addons like using normal modules:

    import addons from './dist/merged-addons';
    var pdfui = new UIExtension.PDFUI({
        addons: addons
        // ignored other irrelevant options


    • options.library Type: string default: UIExtensionAddons All addons will be merged into a single UMD format bundle, and the value exports from the entry point(addons.js) will be assigned into the global scope via the name provided from this option. For more details, refer to webpack documentation
    • options.filename Type: string default: merged-addons.js The file name of the bundle generated from this plugin;
    • progress Type: boolean default: true Report the progress information in your terminal.
    • watch Type: boolean default: false Turn on/off the watch mode. This mean that after the first time merge, this plugin will continue to watch for the changes in any of the resolved addon files.
    • watchOptions Type: object default: null Please refer to the webpack's documentation
    • lazyInit Type: boolean default: false Setting this option value to true will generate a bundle that supports lazy initialization. This bundle exports a function instead of an array of addon classes, so that all addon classes can be initialized inside the PDFUI regardless of the loading order.




    npm i @foxitsoftware/gulp-merge-addon

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