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NameCase is a fully typed implementation of Lingua::EN::NameCase, a library for converting strings to be properly cased. This is good for converting denormalized data to human friendly data.


Forenames and surnames are often stored either entirely in UPPERCASE or lowercase. This library allows you to convert names into the correct case where possible. Although forenames and surnames are typically stored separately if they do appear in a single string, whitespace-separated, NameCase deals correctly with them.

Currently NameCase correctly name cases names which include any of the following:

Mc, Mac, al, el, ap, bat, ben, bin, binti, binte, da, de, das, dos, delle, della, di, du, del, der, den, ten, ter, la, le, lo, van and von.

It correctly deals with names which contain apostrophes and hyphens too.


Via npm

npm install @foundernest/namecase

Via yarn

yarn add @foundernest/namecase


Basic usage

import { nameCase } from '@foundernest/namecase';

nameCase('KEITH');               // => Keith
nameCase('LEIGH-WILLIAMS');      // => Leigh-Williams
nameCase('MCCARTHY');            // => McCarthy
nameCase("O'CALLAGHAN");         // => O'Callaghan
nameCase('ST. JOHN');            // => St. John
nameCase('VON STREIT');          // => von Streit
nameCase('AP LLWYD DAFYDD');     // => ap Llwyd Dafydd
nameCase('HENRY VIII');          // => Henry VIII
nameCase('VAN DYKE');            // => van Dyke

Advance usage

You can override the default options by calling the nameCase function with the EnvironmentOptions optional parameter:

import { nameCase } from '@foundernest/namecase';

nameCase('macmurdo');                        // => MacMurdo
nameCase('macmurdo', { irish: false });      // => Macmurdo

You can also set the options of all the subsequent calls:

import { nameCase, setOptions } from '@foundernest/namecase';

nameCase('macmurdo');               // => MacMurdo
setOptions({ irish: false });
nameCase('macmurdo');               // => Macmurdo

Or you can even create a new Environment object with custom options:

import Environment from '@foundernest/namecase';

const ncEnv = new Environment({
  lazy: false
  roman: false

ncEnv.nameCase('Na li');     // => Na Li


  • lazy – Default: true. Do not do anything if string is already mixed case and lazy option is true.
  • irish – Default: true. Correct "Mac" exceptions.
  • spanish – Default: true. Correct spanish conjunctions y, e or i.
  • roman – Default: true. Correct roman numbers.
  • hebrew – Default: true. Correct ben, bat.
  • postnominal – Default: true. Correct post-nominal. e.g. PhD.

Exclude Post-Nominals

import { excludePostNominals, nameCase } from '@foundernest/namecase';

nameCase('ČERNÝ MOST');         // Černý MOst
nameCase('ČERNÝ MOST');         // Černý Most


Please see CHANGELOG for more information about what has changed recently.


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Please see the Contributing guide and Code of Conduct for details.


This library is a port of the PHP package by Yuri Tkachenko which is also a port of the Perl library and owes most of its functionality to the Perl version by Mark Summerfield. Any bugs in the Typescript port are my fault.


Original PERL Lingua::EN::NameCase Version:

  • Copyright © Mark Summerfield 1998-2014. All Rights Reserved.
  • Copyright © Barbie 2014-2020. All Rights Reserved.

Ruby Version:

  • Copyright © Aaron Patterson 2006. All Rights Reserved.

PHP Version:

  • Copyright © Yuri Tkachenko 2016-2020. All Rights Reserved.

Typescript version:


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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