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Tempo — The easiest way to work with dates in JavaScript (and TypeScript)

Tempo is a new library in a proud tradition of JavaScript date and time libraries. Inspired by the likes of moment.js, day.js, and date-fns Tempo is built from the ground up to be as small and easy to use as possible.

Tempo is best thought of as a collection of utilities for working with Date objects — an important distinction from other libraries that provide custom date primitives. Under the hood, Tempo mines JavaScript's Intl.DateTimeFormat to extract complex data like timezones offsets and locale aware date formats giving you a simple API to format, parse, and manipulates dates.

Tempo is tiny tree-shakable framework, you can only take what you need. All functionality is available in 5.2 kB for esm and 5.5 kB for cjs modules (minified and brotlied). Size Limit controls the size.

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Created by the FormKit team.

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