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Forbitswap V2

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This repository contains the core smart contracts for the Forbitswap V2 Protocol. For higher level contracts, see the forbitswap-v2-periphery repository.

Bug bounty

This repository is subject to the Forbitswap V2 bug bounty program, per the terms defined here.

Local deployment

In order to deploy this code to a local testnet, you should install the npm package @forbitswapamm/v3-core and import the factory bytecode located at @forbitswapamm/v3-core/artifacts/contracts/ForbitswapV2Factory.sol/ForbitswapV2Factory.json. For example:

import {
  abi as FACTORY_ABI,
  bytecode as FACTORY_BYTECODE,
} from '@forbitswapamm/v3-core/artifacts/contracts/ForbitswapV2Factory.sol/ForbitswapV2Factory.json'

// deploy the bytecode

This will ensure that you are testing against the same bytecode that is deployed to mainnet and public testnets, and all Forbitswapcode will correctly interoperate with your local deployment.

Using solidity interfaces

The Forbitswapv3 interfaces are available for import into solidity smart contracts via the npm artifact @forbitswapamm/v3-core, e.g.:

import '@forbitswapamm/v3-core/contracts/interfaces/IForbitswapV2Pool.sol';

contract MyContract {
  IForbitswapV2Pool pool;

  function doSomethingWithPool() {
    // pool.swap(...);


The primary license for Forbitswap V2 Core is the Business Source License 1.1 (BUSL-1.1), see LICENSE. However, some files are dual licensed under GPL-2.0-or-later:

  • All files in contracts/interfaces/ may also be licensed under GPL-2.0-or-later (as indicated in their SPDX headers), see contracts/interfaces/LICENSE
  • Several files in contracts/libraries/ may also be licensed under GPL-2.0-or-later (as indicated in their SPDX headers), see contracts/libraries/LICENSE

Other Exceptions

  • contracts/libraries/FullMath.sol is licensed under MIT (as indicated in its SPDX header), see contracts/libraries/LICENSE_MIT
  • All files in contracts/test remain unlicensed (as indicated in their SPDX headers).


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