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A CLI to sync a local directory with an AWS S3 bucket. Example usage could involve an automated deployment of a serverless web app. This command essentially uploads a folder to a bucket.


For use within a project:

npm install @foo-software/s3-directory-sync-cli --save-dev

For global use:

npm install @foo-software/s3-directory-sync-cli -g


Command line:

s3-directory-sync \

In a project package.json (assuming environment variables like S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_ACCESS_KEY_ID=abcdef):

  "scripts": {
    "deploy": "s3-directory-sync"


Parameters can either be passed in the command line as arguments or as environment variables.

Name Description Default
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_ACCESS_KEY_ID The AWS accessKeyId for an S3 bucket. --
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_BUCKET The AWS Bucket for an S3 bucket. --
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_DERIVE_CONTENT_TYPE If set to true will derive `Content-Type` metadata from file extension via mime-types false
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY The AWS secretAccessKey for an S3 bucket. --
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_LOCAL_DIRECTORY The local directory to sync (upload), relative to the directory of the command execution. --
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_PROGRESS If set to true the CLI will display a progress bar. Might be buggy in CI which justifies this option. false
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_REMOTE_DIRECTORY The directory of an S3 bucket to sync from a local directory. An empty string signifies the root. ''
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_REMOVE_HTML_EXTENSIONS If true HTML files will be uploaded with the `.html` extension omitted from the `Key`. This can be helpful if hosting an S3 website. false
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_REMOVE_HTML_EXTENSIONS_EXCLUDE An escape hatch to the above S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_REMOVE_HTML_EXTENSIONS option. In the future, perhaps we could make this into a regex, but for now you can populate this value with a comma-separated list of paths relative to the local directory. Example static/html/iframe.html,static/html/iframe2.html (no glob pattern or dot prefix). ''
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_ACL The Access Control Policy as documented. public-read
S3_DIRECTORY_SYNC_STRICT Set to true if remote files that don't exist locally should be removed. false


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