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SIP End-to-End Testing

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SEET is a suite for end-to-end testing of SIP deployments. We aim to add useful artifacts to help test and troubleshoot any SIP device or software. SEET is inspired in pysipp.

It lets you run complex scenarios involving multiple UASs and UACs. With SEET, you create your SIPp XML scenarios as usual and the suite creates the necesary User Agents and ensure the scenarios run in the correct sequence.

Scenario configuration

Property Description Required
name The name of the scenario Yes
description The description of the scenario No
target System under test No
transportMode SIPp transport mode. Check here for possible values Yes
domain Needed for registration. Defaults to target No
enabled Enables scenario. Defauls to true No
only Exclude all other scenarios. Defauls to false No
userAgents.[*].mode User Agent mode. Possible values are uac and uas Yes
userAgents.[*].port Port to bind the User Agent No
userAgents.[*].scenarioFile Path to the SIPp XML scenario Yes
userAgents.[*].authentication Username and password for SIP authentication No
userAgents.[*].sendRegister Used for User Agent registration No
userAgents.[*].sessionCount Optional Session Count sent during registration. Defaults to 0 No
userAgents.[*].expires Expiration in seconds use in for sendRegister. Defaults to 30 No
userAgents.[*].timeout Maximum duration in seconds for the scenario No
userAgents.[*].variables Key-value array for SIPp XML scenario No
userAgents.[*].maxIterations Maximum number of iterations for the scenario (Experimental) No
userAgents.[*].maxRate Maximun rate of calls per second for the scenario (Experimental) No
userAgents.[*].callLimit Maximum simultaneous calls for the scenario (Experimental) No

Example of scenario file

    "name": "Simple SIP Message",
    "description": "UAC sends a simple MESSAGE to UAS and waits for an OK response",
    "target": "",
    "transportMode": "u1",
    "domain": "sip.local",
    "userAgents": [
        "mode": "uas",
        "scenarioFile": "scenarios/ims_uas.xml",
        "authentication": {
          "username": "1001",
          "secret": "1234"
        "sendRegister": true,
        "expires": 30
        "mode": "uac",
        "scenarioFile": "scenarios/ims_uac.xml",
        "authentication": {
          "username": "1002",
          "secret": "1234"
        "variables": [
            "name": "requestURI",
            "value": "1001@sip.local"
            "name": "from",
            "value": "1002@sip.local"
            "name": "to",
            "value": "1001@sip.local"
    "enabled": true

Available Versions

You can see all images available to pull from Docker Hub via the Tags page. Docker tag names that begin with a "change type" word, such as task, bug, or feature, are available for testing and may be removed at any time.


You can clone this repository and manually build it.

git clone https://github.com/fonoster/seet
cd seet
docker build -t fonoster/seet:%%VERSION%% .

Otherwise, you can pull this image from the docker index.

docker pull fonoster/seet:%%VERSION%%

Usage Example

The following is a basic example of using this image. Be sure to add the port of every User Agent Server. If you use an udp mode in your scenario (e.g. u1), you must also bind the port in docker with the corresponding notation.

docker run \
  -v $(pwd)/seet.json:/seet.json \
  -v $(pwd)/scenarios:/scenarios \
  -p 7060:7060/udp \
  -t fonoster/seet 

or with NodeJS

# Requires of sipp 3.6.0-r2 installed in the host
npm i -g @fonoster/seet
SCENARIOS=$(pwd)/seet_example.json seet

Environment Variables

Environment variables are used in the entry point script to render configuration templates. You can specify the values of these variables during docker run, docker-compose up, or in Kubernetes manifests in the env array.

  • SCENARIOS - Changes the default path to the scenario file.

Exposed ports



  • /scenarios - Location for your SIPp XML files
  • /seet.json - Default location for your scenarios file


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


See this project's list of contributors who participated.


Copyright (C) 2023 by Fonoster Inc. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).

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