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    Yaml input field with validation and syntax highlighting as React Component




    npm i --save @focus-reactive/react-yaml
    yarn add @focus-reactive/react-yaml


    You can pass JS object as initial value:

    import YamlEditor from '@focus-reactive/react-yaml';
    const obj = { foo: 'bar' };
    const handleChange = ({ json, text }) => {
      // { foo: 'bar' }
    return <YamlEditor json={obj} onChange={handleChange} />;

    Or you can pass a text with YAML syntax

    import YamlEditor from '@focus-reactive/react-yaml';
    const text = `
    foo: bar
    const handleChange = ({ json, text }) => {
      // "foo: bar"
    return <YamlEditor text={text} onChange={handleChange} />;


    • themable (use Codemirror themes)
    • syntax and errors highlight
    • support working with text in YAML format or regular JS objects
    • controlled and uncontrolled mode


    You can pass the following props to the YamlEditor

    json - JS object that will be outputted in Editor in YAML syntax

    text - Text in YAML syntax. Note: if you pass both json and text props - the json will be used.

    Note: By default the Editor will work in uncontrolled mode. Means that changes in json or text props wouldn't cause code update. You can control this behavior with merge prop, that accept a function with which you can define how to update text in the Editor.

    theme - Codemirror Theme to style editor. e.g.

    import { oneDark } from '@codemirror/theme-one-dark';

    onChange - a callback triggered on VALID YAML code changes in the Editor. It will be launched with the following parameters:

    onChange({ json, text });

    where: text is a last valid text editing in Editor, json is JS equivalent.

    onSelect - a callback triggered on text selection. It will be launched with the following parameters:

    onSelect({ selected, from, to });

    where: selected - is a selected text, from and to - selection positions

    onSetCursor - a callback triggered when user moves or set cursor on any word in the Editor. It will be launched with the following parameters:

    onSetCursor({ word, from, to });

    where: word - is a word separated by whitespaces, from and to - word start and end positions

    onError - a callback triggered on any INVALID code changes in the Editor. It will be launched with the following parameters:

    onError(errorObject | null);

    where errorObject is Codemirror error object representing YAML syntax error. Note that after a user fixed syntax error in the Editor, the function will be launched with null.

    merge (optional) - a function launched on json or text props changes. It can compare the new and the current values and return the result that will appear in the Editor. It will be launched with the following parameters:

    merge({ json, text, currentText });

    where json - the new json prop, text the new text prop, and currentText is the current text.

    It should return an object with one of the keys: json or text which should contain new text of js value.

    By default it returns currentText

    Actions - allow to manipulate Editor in imperative form

    All actions are available by a ref prop after the Editor is maintained:

    const EditorWithActions = () => {
      const actions = React.useRef(null);
      React.useEffect(() => {
        // Here we have access to imperative actions
        actions.current.replaceValue({ json: { foo: 'updatedValue' } });
      }, []);
      return (
          <YamlEditor json={{ foo: 'initValue' }} ref={actions} />

    Currently available the following actions:

    replaceValue - replace entire Editor content with a new value (json or text)

    replaceValue({ json, text });


    Created with ❤︎ to React and Open Source community by Oleg Proskurin at FocusReactive




    npm i @focus-reactive/react-yaml

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