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    Fly CDN

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    The Fly CDN is an edge application built to route HTTP traffic, cache content, and add "edge features" (like auth) to any application. It's written in TypeScript and runs on the Fly Edge Application runtime. It's built for developers — means runs locally, has a test suite, and integrate into a CI/release pipeline.

    The code targets the Service Worker API and uses the Fly runtime API where necessary. You can deploy it to fly.io hosting or run it on any platform with an Edge Service Worker implementation (with reduced features).

    Getting Started


    Try the starter app

    git clone https://gist.github.com/ebc48856b74fde392a6d62a032b59a97.git forking-cdn
    cd forking-cdn
    yarn install
    yarn start # visit http://localhost:3000

    Once you have that running, try swapping in a different origin. Edit index.ts and and replace backends.origin("https://getting-started.edgeapp.net") with backends.githubPages("superfly/landing").

    Deploy to production

    You can deploy CDN based applications to the Fly hosting service using the CLI. Sign up at fly.io, then run:

    yarn fly login
    yarn fly app create <name-of-your-app>
    yarn fly deploy

    You can also run on CloudFlare or StackPath, though not all features will work.


    Straightforward TypeScript/ JavaScript API

    You can do a lot with a single index.ts file. This example redirects all requests to https and caches content when possible:

    import { backends, middleware, pipeline } from "@fly/cdn";
    // user middleware for https redirect and caching
    const mw = pipeline(
    // point it at the origin
    const app = mw(
    // respond to http requests


    Backends are origin services you can route requests to. The project includes a backend type any HTTP service, and more specialized types for proxying to third party services.

    Want to help out? Write a new backend type and open a pull request!


    Middleware applies logic to requests before they're sent to the backend, and responses before they're sent to users.



    Configuration vs code

    The Fly CDN can be run standalone with a yaml based configuration schema. If you prefer to run with a config file, check out the config README.

    Who's using it?

    • cars.com: HTTP routing
    • glitch.com: custom domain routing
    • fontawesome.com: CDN for paid customers
    • distractify.com: routing, caching, redirect management
    • greenmatters.com: routing, caching, redirect management
    • artstorefronts.com: custom domain routing
    • kajabi.com: custom domain routing
    • posthaven.com: custom domain routing


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