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    About Flagship

    drawingFlagship by AB Tasty is a feature flagging platform for modern engineering and product teams. It eliminates the risks of future releases by separating code deployments from these releases 💡 With Flagship, you have full control over the release process. You can: ​

    • Switch features on or off through remote config.
    • Automatically roll-out your features gradually to monitor performance and gather feedback from your most relevant users.
    • Roll back any feature should any issues arise while testing in production.
    • Segment users by granting access to a feature based on certain user attributes.
    • Carry out A/B tests by easily assigning feature variations to groups of users. ​ drawing ​ Flagship also allows you to choose whatever implementation method works for you from our many available SDKs or directly through a REST API. Additionally, our architecture is based on multi-cloud providers that offer high performance and highly-scalable managed services. ​ To learn more:
    • Solution overview - A 5mn video demo 🎥
    • Documentation - Our dev portal with guides, how tos, API and SDK references
    • Sign up for a free trial - Create your free account
    • Guide to feature flagging - Everyhting you need to know about feature flag related use cases
    • Blog - Additional resources about release management


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