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Wallet Simulator

A class to simulate a cryptocurrency wallet in Node.js

Can Integrate with CCTX to Import/Export information from real world crypto exchanges.


npm install wallet-simulator


import { WalletSimulator } from 'wallet-simulator';

const wallet = new WalletSimulator(1000)
    .addTrade({ ticker: 'BTC', price: 10, quantity: 1, type: TradeMove.BUY })
    .addTrade({ ticker: 'ETH', price: 100, quantity: 2, type: TradeMove.BUY })
    .updatePrice('BTC', 12)
    .updatePrice('ETH', 110);

console.log(wallet.getPositionValue('BTC')); // 12
console.log(wallet.getPositionValue('ETH')); // 220
console.log(wallet.getTotalValue()); // 1232

console.log(wallet.getPositionAverageCost('BTC')); // 10
console.log(wallet.getEstimatedLiquidationPrice('BTC')); // 10
console.log(wallet.getEstimatedUnrealizedProfitLoss('BTC')); // 2


  • [x] Price update method on particular asset
  • [x] Add new trades balancing current balance
  • [x] P&L and cost basis for each asset
  • [x] Donut information on % of owned assets
  • [x] Trend snapshots graph of balance at "every day"
  • [x] Trend snapshots graph of balance if just buy & hold at day 0
  • [x] Fee % on addTrade operations
  • [x] Export Wallet as JSON
  • [x] Import Wallet from JSON
  • [ ] Reverse-Engineering data from Real Exchanges Trades
  • [ ] Filter on Max Buy Power allowed and list of allowed-desired assets to open orders


Command Description
addTrade Update balance and holdings based on trade
updatePrice Set price for a particular asset
getPositionValue Return the value owned on this wallet of a particular asset
getTotalValue Return the sum of all funds in this wallet
getPositionAverageCost Return the average cost of a particular asset
getEstimatedLiquidationPrice Return the estimated liquidation price of a particular asset
getPrice Get latest known price for an asset
getPositionAverageCost Average spent position costs for a particular asset
getDonutAssetInformation Return a donut type chart with all assets owned in %
getTrendBalanceSnapshots Trend balance graph snapshots of daily gaps
exportToText Return the estimated unrealized profit or loss of a particular asset
exportToJson Returns a stringified verson of the WalletSimulator object
importFromJsonString Reverse operation of exportToJson


Field Description
balance Current available balance in the base currency (EUR,USD,Bananas,Apples,etc...)
holdings Map with quantities owned of each asset
prices Map with the last known price for each asset
costBasis Current sum of costs paid for an asset
trades All trades
daySnapshots Date separated values of Wallet Snapshot in the history


npm run test



This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Want to contribute to this project? Great! We welcome contributions and are always looking for ways to improve this package. Please take a look at the CONTRIBUTING file for more information on how to get started.


If you have any questions or issues with this package, please open an issue on the Github repository or contact us at sabaniflorian@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter



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