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    Forked from sveltejs-brunch. May include additional changes, newer versions of dependencies, and/or bug fixes that are not in the upstream repo. Changes will be submitted via pull request.

    WARNING! Version 2.0.0 or > has been converted from CJS to ESM. If you want to use this plugin you will need to use it in conjunction with @firstfleet/brunch. @firstfleet/brunch is a fork of the most recent version of brunch, but has been modified to support both CJS and ESM brunch plugins.

    Compile Svelte 3 components inside Brunch projects.

    • Extract the CSS into a separate file
    • Support CSS & JS Sourcemaps
    • Preprocessing of markup, style, script
    • Define file extensions which should be compiled
    • Pass any Svelte compiler option


    npm install --save-dev @firstfleet/sveltejs-brunch

    By default all *.svelte.html, .svelte files are compiled, unless you use the pattern option.

    Advanced usage

    module.exports.plugins = {
      sveltejs: {
        // To extract the CSS into files, simply include to extractCSS option in your Brunch config like so...
        extractCSS: true,
        // To combine the sourcemaps from all components into one
        combineSourceMapCSS: true,
        // The generated combined css file
        out: './public/components.css',
        // By default, svelte, svelte.html are used.
        pattern: /\.(svelte|html)$/
        // Optionally, preprocess components with svelte.preprocess:
        preprocess: {
          style: ({ content }) => {
            return transformStyles(content)
        // Other compiler options

    Current list of deviations from origional sveltejs-brunch repo

    1. Bug fix for sourcemap generation in brunch PR
    2. Bug fix for svelte preprocessor. The preprocessor call was not correctly passing through the filename to the preprocessor plugin.
    3. Has been converted to ESM (ES Module) to work in conjunction with @firstfleet/brunch


    npm i @firstfleet/sveltejs-brunch

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