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    simple image minification for brunch

    NPM No Maintenance Intended

    This is a super simple plug-and-play plugin that minifies your images with imagemin.

    $ npm install --save-dev imagemin-brunch
    $ brunch build --production
    18:06:47 - info: compiled 6 files into 2 files, copied 14 in 2.3 sec
    18:06:53 - info: minified 9 images to save 334 kB in 5.3 sec

    Built-in minification

    This plugin automatically minifies the following extensions, with no configuration required:

    .gif .jpg .jpeg .jpe .jif .jfif .jfi .png .svg .svgz

    The actual minification process is performed by the following imagemin plugins:

    Make sure you're in production mode

    Minifying images takes forever, so I made this plugin an optimizer. By default, this plugin will run whenever brunch is in production mode. Any of these commands should work to minify your images:

    $ brunch b -p
    $ brunch build -p
    $ brunch b --production
    $ brunch build --production

    If you are using the default skeleton, npm run build should also work.


    plugins.imagemin = {
      plugins: {
        'imagemin-gifsicle': true,
        'imagemin-jpegtran': true,
        'imagemin-optipng': true,
        'imagemin-svgo': true
      pattern: /\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|jpe|jif|jfif|jfi|png|svg|svgz)$/


    To enable a new imagemin plugin, create a new key-value pair where the object key is the name of your plugin and give it a truthy value. If you would like to pass options into the plugin, provide an object as your pair's value.

    If you want to disable a plugin, add it to this object with a falsy value.


    This is a regular expression pattern used to figure out which files should be passed through to imagemin.


    npm i @firstfleet/imagemin-brunch

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