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Redux Actions is a tiny library designed to help write Redux action creators and reducers with less boilerplate.

The library is fully tested, has no external dependencies, and weighs in at less than 2 KB uncompressed. It's published in both CommonJS and ESM format, and comes with Typescript definitions.

Getting started

First, install the library using npm or yarn:

npm install --save @finn-no/redux-actions
yarn add @finn-no/redux-actions

Then import the functions in your code:

import { makeAction, makeReducer } from "@finn-no/redux-actions";
const { makeAction, makeReducer } = require("@finn-no/redux-actions");


Use makeAction(type, reducer, creator?) to create Redux action creators. This function takes three parameters:

  • type (string) an identifier for this action. This must be a unique value for each action within your app.
  • reducer (function or string) the reducer that will be used to handle actions with this type. Probably the most common way to handle Redux actions is to set a single field in the state to a value provided in the action. For this specific use case, you can provide a string with the name of the state field that this action should affect. An automatic reducer will be provided that sets the value of the specified field in the state to the value of action.payload.
  • creator (optional function) The default action creator creates objects with two fields: type and payload. If you want to create objects with a different format, you will need a custom action creator.

The function returns an action creator which is decorated with the type and reducer of the action. The default action creator accepts one optional argument, the value of which is assigned to the payload field of the action object.


The makeReducer(actions) function takes one parameter: An object where the values are actions made with makeAction. It returns a reducer that handles all the provided actions.

Boilerplate reduction

The primary advantage of this library is reducing the amount of boilerplate required when writing action creators and reducers. The following is an example of the boilerplate that this library removes:


A common structure for apps using Redux is to have one file that defines action type constants, another file with action creator definitions, and a third file containing definitions of reducers. In other words it may be necessary to look at 3 different files in order to fully understand how a given action works.

Regardless of how the code is divided among different files, the structure often looks similar to the following:

 * Action type constants

 * Action creators
export function myAction(payload) {
  return {
    type: MY_ACTION,

export function someOtherAction() {
  return {

 * Reducers
export function reducer(state, action) {
  switch (action.type) {
    case MY_ACTION:
      return { ...state, my_value: action.payload };

      return { ...state, some_other_toggle: !state.some_other_toggle };

      return state;


With Redux Actions, the definitions of action creators and reducers are kept together, and the need to define action types separately is eliminated:

import { makeAction, makeReducer } from "@finn-no/redux-actions";

const actions = {};

 * Define actions and reducers together
actions.myAction = makeAction("MY_ACTION", "my_value");
actions.someOtherAction = makeAction("SOME_OTHER_ACTION", state => ({
  some_other_toggle: !state.some_other_toggle

export default actions;
export const reducer = makeReducer(actions);


Both makeActions and makeReducer, as well as several other type definitions in this package, are generic types that take one argument; a state type.

import { makeAction, makeReducer, ActionsObject } from "@finn-no/redux-actions";

interface MyState {
    my_value: string;

const actions: ActionsObject<MyState> = {};

actions.myAction = makeAction<MyState>("MY_ACTION", "my_value");

export default actions;
export const reducer = makeReducer<MyState>(actions);


Redux Actions has been in use in various apps within the travel vertical on FINN.no since 2017. The open source version was released in 2019 under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2019 Schibsted



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