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Orizuru Tools

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Orizuru tools are command line tools to streamline development with the Orizuru framework.


Use npm to install Orizuru on the command line with the following command.

npm install @financialforcedev/orizuru-tools --global


Create new project

Orizuru includes templates, which are self-contained skeleton apps, built on top of the Orizuru framework. They include authentication, API integration with Apex and more.

Orizuru includes a base template which produces a web server. All the other templates extend the base template adding additional functionality.

Each template can be deployed to Heroku and as-is, but you should probably extend them to meet your specific business requirements first.

When you're ready to deploy, run the following commands on the command line.

mkdir new-project
cd new-project
orizuru setup init

Generate Apex Transport Layer

You can generate Apex classes for Apache Avro schemas. Do this whenever you create or change a schema, so that your Apex classes reflect the schema. To do so, run the following command on the command line:

orizuru setup generate-apex-transport [path/to/input/folder] [path/to/output/folder]

The command takes the following arguments:

Argument Description
path/to/input/folder The relative path from the current directory to the folder that contains your avro schemas. Avro schemas must have the extension .avsc and the content should be in JSON format.
path/to/output/folder The relative path to the folder in which the generated files should be saved.


Your app will be comprised of a distinct component and Heroku component.You can deploy both components using the deploy command.

orizuru deploy

Be aware that this deploys the latest git commit, so make sure you have committed any code you want to deploy. Orizuru will generate certificates which will allow the Heroku app to authenticate with

You can also choose to generate certificates independently with

orizuru deploy certificate

Or push a connected app to your scratch org with

orizuru deploy connected-app

You will be prompted to enter some details about your app, for example:

  • Whether you want to create a new scratch org, or deploy to an existing one
  • Whether you want to create a new Heroku app, or deploy to an existing one Where possible, the tools will suggest default values.

As prerequisites, ensure you have:



npm i @financialforcedev/orizuru-tools

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