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    Helper Sass for the fticons image set.


    Check out how to include Origami components in your project to get started with o-icons.


    There are a few ways to get icons from fticons:

    1. Use o-icons CSS classes
    2. Use o-icons Sass mixins with your own CSS.
    3. Request the icon directly from the Image Service (without using o-icons at all).


    To add an icon apply the o-icons-icon class to a span, along with the modifier class for your specific icon e.g. o-icons-icon--arrow-down. See the registry demos for a full list of icons.

    <span class="o-icons-icon o-icons-icon--arrow-down"></span>
    <span class="o-icons-icon o-icons-icon--audio"></span>
    <span class="o-icons-icon o-icons-icon--book"></span>

    This will include icons with a 128px width/height by default.

    If you would like to use an icon at a different dimension or colour, use o-icon Sass mixins or request the icon from the Image Service directly (without using o-icons at all).


    Includes icons of different sizes and colors

    Use oIconsContent to output the styles for an icon of a given size and colour.

    The $color argument should be set using an o-colors Sass function such as oColorsByName, but may be set to any hex value.

    // Use o-colors so you can use colors from the Origami palette.
    @import "@financial-times/o-icons/main";
    @import "@financial-times/o-colors/main";
    // Output a 32px, claret coloured plus icon.
    .my-icon-plus {
    	@include oIconsContent(
    		$icon-name: 'plus',
    		$color: oColorsByName('claret'),
    		$size: 32
    <span class="my-icon-plus"></span>

    The oIconsContent mixins outputs styles used by each icon. This is inefficient if your project outputs multiple icons. In this case we recommend outputting the base styles separately with oIconsContentBaseStyles.

    // Output a 32px, claret coloured plus icon.
    .my-icon {
    	@include oIconsContentBaseStyles();
    .my-icon--plus {
    	@include oIconsContent(
    		$icon-name: 'plus',
    		$color: oColorsByName('claret'),
    		$size: 32,
    		$include-base-styles: false // do not duplicate the base styles
    <span class="my-icon my-icon--plus"></span>

    o-icons includes a media query to restore either a black or white icon in Microsoft's high-contrast mode. If no icon is acceptable for users of Microsoft's high-contrast mode this may be disabled to reduce bundle size:

    .no-high-contrast-window {
    	@include oIconsContent(
    		$icon-name: 'plus',
    		$color: oColorsByName('claret'),
    		$high-contrast-fallback: false

    Using the default CSS helper classes

    To output all icon helper classes include the oIcons mixin.

    @import "@financial-times/o-icons/main";
    @include oIcons(); // include helper classes for all icons

    To avoid including all icon helper classes, oIcons mixin also accepts a list of icons to include:

    @include oIcons($opts: (
    	'icons': ('arrow-down', 'audio') // include helper classes for the arrow-down and audio icons


    o-icons is some Sass mixins and helpers for using the fticons image set. To add a new icon you need to add it to the fticons set. There are instructions in the fticons README. When the icon is in fticons, run node ./scripts/build-icon-list.js to update o-icons Sass with the new icon automatically.


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    If you have any questions or comments about this component, or need help using it, please either raise an issue, visit #origami-support or email Origami Support.


    This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.



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