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Build the webpack.config.js of your dreams ☺️

const nWebpack = require('@financial-times/n-webpack');

exports a function accepting the following options:

  • withBabelPolyfills: default true - Includes babel's core-js polyfills in your js bundle
  • ECMAScriptVersion: default 5 - ES version to compile down to
  • entry: Object used to configure webpack's entry points
  • includes|include: Array of files/directories/globs to run babelifying over (in addition to ./client, ./shared, ./bower_components, which are included by default)
  • excludes|exclude: Array of files/directories/globs to exclude from babelification
  • output: options passed in to webpack output. default {filename: '[name]'}
  • env: prod or dev, to force dev or prod build
  • outputStats: a filename to output stats about the build to
  • babelPlugins: an array of extra babel plugins to apply, e.g. babelPlugins: ['transform-async-to-generator']