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    Eventpromo is used to promote content from

    This module is used by n-magnet.


    This module is compatible with Node 12+ and is distributed on npm.

    npm install --save @financial-times/n-eventpromo @financial-times/x-engine

    This module also requires x-engine as a peer dependency. The Engine module is used to inject your chosen runtime into the component. Please read the x-engine documentation first if you are consuming x- components for the first time in your application.



    With react

    import React from 'react';
    import { Eventpromo } from '@financial-times/x-eventpromo';
    // A == B == C
    const a = Eventpromo(props);
    const b = <Eventpromo {...props} />;
    const c = React.createElement(Eventpromo, props);

    All x- components are designed to be compatible with a variety of runtimes, not just React. Check out the x-engine documentation for a list of recommended libraries and frameworks.


    If not marked optional, fields require non-empty values.

    Property Type Default Notes
    dates String Free text, can be either a specific date or a date range
    id String Eventpromo id, 32 chars
    imageUrl String An image url, will be processed via origami image service
    link String Eventpromo url, should include segmentId
    location String No set format: "London", "New York", "ExCeL London", etc
    strapline String
    title String
    brand String ft-live One of ft-live, ft-forums, ft-bdp:workshop, ft-bdp:diploma or ft-bdp:masterclass
    ctaText String various Allows changing of the ctaText where desired


    git clone
    cd n-eventpromo
    make install
    make build

    Linking to an application

    This package does not have a demonstration application, so to test we can link to n-magnet repostiory which consumes this.

    Complete the installation for n-magnet locally then link n-eventpromo by running:

    cd ../n-magnet
    npm link ../n-eventpromo
    make build && make demo

    When making changes after first linking n-eventpromo run:

    # in ./n-eventpromo
    make build
    # in ./n-magnet
    make build && make demo




    npm i @financial-times/n-eventpromo

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