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    This users SystemJS to bootstrap and load a D3-based project. You can use modern JS because it transpiles everything on-the-fly.


    • Create a .html file containing the following code:
      <script src="//" async></script>
    • Next, create a file called index.js in the same directory as the above:
    import * as d3 from 'd3'; // Import the whole thing...
    import {scaleLinear} from 'd3-scale'; // ...Or just bits and pieces, it doesn't matter.
    export default async function () {
      return await Promise.resolve('Yep you can use ES2017 here too');

    Voilà! The above module will run upon page load. Note this only works with D3, and a few of the sundry ft-interactive modules.

    • This also exposes a UMD global named bootD3 that returns a promise containing the resolved index.js module. That means you can then do something like:
      bootD3.then((index) => {

    ...Which, given the above index.js module, will alert with "Yep you can use ES2017 here too".

    ### What if I need more modules?

    It's not like you can include this on page and then add any module in the registry. If you want to add another module (that's deliverable via a CDN like unpkg), add the following before your d3-bootloader script tag:

      window.D3_BOOTLOADER_MODULES = {
        'd3-jetpack': '',

    Each key in the map object is what you'll import, and the value is a CDN resource exporting some kind of UMD module.

    For more info, please see the SystemJS Configuration API Docs.

    Should this be used in production?

    Oh hells nawww — on-the-fly Babel transpilation isn't exactly the lightest thing ever.

    Not only that, but every module you load from index.js will create a separate request.

    This project is mainly intended to help streamline the creation of examples for ft-interactive/visual-vocabulary-templates. Again, you probably don't want to use this in production.




    npm i @financial-times/d3-bootloader

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