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This package is no longer maintained and we recommend migrating to use npm workspaces


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Athloi is a tool to assist with the management of multi-package repositories (a.k.a. monorepos) with git and npm. It provides an interface to execute commands and scripts within the scope of each package.


  • Provides a number of helpers to improve your monorepo workflow such as: installing all dependencies, running npm or custom scripts, publishing public packages, updating version numbers, etc.
  • Capable of running tasks serially or in parallel whilst preserving topological sort order between cross-dependent packages.
  • Options to filter the packages to target either by name or package.json field
  • Works well with Yarn workspaces.

Getting Started

Start by installing Athloi within your project using npm.

npm install --save-dev @financial-times/athloi

Next you must configure where Athloi should look for the directories containing your packages. To do this you must add an extra "workspaces" property to your root package.json file if you do not have one already.

This property is an array of globs matching your package directories. This designed to be compatible with Yarn.

	"workspaces": ["components/*", "tools/*"]


Please note: Before executing a command Athloi will sort the packages [topologically] based on their cross-dependencies and run tasks in this order.


Runs an arbitrary command within the scope of each package.

athloi exec npm install

A double-dash (--) is necessary to pass any dashed arguments to the command being executed.

athloi exec -- npm i -D lodash


Runs an npm script in each package that defines that script.

athloi run build


Runs the given Node script in the scope of each package.

athloi script path/to/task.js


Updates the release number for public packages and their cross-dependencies and writes the data back to package.json. The given tag must parseable as a valid semver number.

athloi version v1.0.0

Please note that when using the version command with the filter option any cross-dependent packages which have been excluded will fall back to their latest published version on npm.


Runs npm publish in the scope of each public package.

athloi publish

Dashed arguments may be passed using a double dash (--)

athloi publish -- --access=public



A global option which will execute up to the given number of tasks concurrently. By default one task will be run at a time.

# run a lint script in up to 3 packages at a time
athloi run lint --concurrency 3


A global flag which will ensure tasks maintain topological sort order. When used with a concurrency value higher than 1 this option will force queued tasks to wait for any still running tasks in cross-dependent packages to finish first.

# run a concurrent build script but ensure dependencies are built first
athloi run build --concurrency 5 --preserve-order


A global option which can be used for all tasks. It filters packages based on the value of a field within their package manifest or the package name.

# Run a build script in only the packages marked as private
athloi run build --filter private:true

The value of the field will be coerced using JSON.parse() so boolean and number values can be used and string values must use double-quotes.

Property values inside arrays and objects can also be matched:

# Run the script for packages with a keyword of "demo"
athloi run build --filter 'keywords:"demo"'

# Run the script for packages with a dependency on the "lodash" package
athloi run build --filter 'dependencies:"lodash"'

The field name preceeding the colon (:) is optional and if omitted Athloi will default to checking package names, ignoring the npm organisation name.

# Run a build script for only the package named "@financial-times/x-interaction"
athloi run build --filter x-interaction

When filtering by package name you can also use a glob pattern to match them using wildcard characters:

# Run a build script for all packages with names beginning "@financial-times/x-"
athloi run build --filter 'x-*'

What's with the name?

One of the twelve labours of Hercules (hoi hērakleous athloi) was to slay the Lernean Hydra.






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