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Angular integration of the Fimbullinter project.


npm install --save-dev @fimbul/circular
# or
yarn add -D @fimbul/circular

Linting via Angular CLI

In your angular.json, under projects / <projectName> / architect / lint, replace the existing TSLint builder as follows:

"lint": {
  "builder": "@fimbul/circular:lint",
  "options": {

If you now run ng lint [projectName], you are executing Fimbullinter instead of TSLint.

"options" can be used to configure the linter using configuration options of the wotan CLI. For example wotan --cache --config wotan:recommended --fix translates to the following options object:

"options": {
  "cache": true,
  "config": "wotan:recommended",
  "fix": true

If you do not explicitly configure the project option, it will automatically use the tsConfig options of that project's build and test targets.

Global default options for all projects

If you find yourself specifying the same options for all projects, consider creating a .fimbullinter.yaml. This file contains default options used for all projects and the wotan CLI (in case you want to use that too). You can still override specific configurations per project using "options" as described above.

Replacing TSLint

As you might know TSLint reached its end of life. Instead of jumping on the typescript-eslint hype-train, consider Fimbullinter as a replacement. Spoiler: Fimbullinter will eventually be able to execute ESLint rules, so you can tap into the vast ecosystem of existing rules while using a linter that is actually intended to work with TypeScript.

The builtin rules provide improved versions of TSLint rules as well as completely new and original ones.

If you still want to use TSLint rules to ease the transition, there are two possibilites:

  • @fimbul/valtyr provides full compatibility with TSLint and your existing tslint.json with almost no setup.
  • @fimbul/heimdall allows using TSLint rules and formatters within Fimbullinter, so you can still use the rules you know and love while getting all the benefits of Fimbullinter's builtin rules.

What's next?

This repository is intended to contain all sorts of Angular-related goodness for Fimbullinter. You can expect the addition of rules and configuration presets in the future.


Apache-2.0 © Klaus Meinhardt

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