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FileStore - Memory

Store and retreive files in memory.


npm install --save @filestore/memory


const Memory = require('@filestore/memory')
const fs = require('fs')
const filestore = new Memory()
const file = fs.createReadStream('my-file.txt')
filestore.put('my-file.txt', file).then(() => {
  // "my-file.txt" is now stored in memory


The API is meant to be interchangeable with any other @filestore/... module.

new Memory([options])

Instantiates a new Memory FileStore class.

(as of now, no options exists)

.put(id: string, data: Input[, options: object]) => Promise<void>

Save a file in memory.

data can be a ReadableStream, Buffer, string, Iterable<Buffer|string> or Promise.

.get(id: string) => ReadableStream

Fetch a file from memory.

.has(id: string) => Promise<boolean>

Check if a file exists in memory.